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What’s Your Big Idea for A Changing Portland?

Over the years Portland Forward has strived to live up to our mission, to connect, educate, and empower Portlanders to be engaged and overcome challenges. In that time we have acknowledged and worked to address problems with solutions.


Our community partners and stakeholders have seen the inception of ideas evolve to the eventual passage of policies improving our community.

Since the start of the pandemic we have faced a difficult economic reality in addition to longstanding crises in our community including social justice issues and racial inequality, a housing crisis, and concerns about transparency within our government.

Many folks have asked how they can get involved, how they can make a difference in their community, for a place we all love.

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In March we started the conversation on how we can revitalize Portland. With clear passion and energy for addressing the crises that face our city, we set the stage for taking action this year on ensuring a strong recovery for all Portlanders.

With Portland Forward’s past success in pushing conversations and civic engagement, and delivering results, we have created a path for others to contribute as well with our big idea initiative:

Our initiative is a way to source ideas from members of the community and to galvanize the ingenuity and imagination of our community to help in Portland’s recovery. At its core this initiative is designed to empower the average Portlander, and build bridges between communities.

As community members add their ideas, we will compile them and work with partner organizations to help our community advance the most popular and accessible ideas.

Ways we hope to utilize the ideas gathered:                     

-        Presenting to city council a collection of the best ideas,

-        Sharing the most popular ideas on social media (credit to the individual behind them),

-        Spotlighting some of the folks who shared ideas with interviews,

Through this initiative we want to give you the power to change your city, to build bridges between ingenuity and action, and to restore hope, and energy to everyday life in Portland.

Help us source ideas, big and small, on how we can revitalize neighborhoods, ensure a strong economic recovery, and move our city forward together. Get started today!


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