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As our city grows we need to ensure that the people are in charge of the growth and in driving policies that make Portland a city that works for all. In order to accomplish this we need a strong network of leaders, empowered Portlanders, and equitable opportunities for participating in decision making — that’s you! ​


We aim to bring together a diverse and multi-generational group of individuals who are invested in leaving this city better than we found it, to empower peoples' voices, and make change happen.



From 18 to 83, we are a group of people passionate about the progressive values of our city.



We are an intergenerational learning hub for the political process.


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Our goal is to engage the next generation, pair them with the specific experience they need, and give them the tools to affect the Portland's future.



  • We focus on the big ideas that will shape the sustainability, livability, and culture of this city 30 years from now.

  • Each year we choose 3 political issues (decided by members at our annual Spring Thing conference) and take them from start to finish, learning by doing.

  • Through mentorship, weekly conversation, and action, we show how to access political leaders, how policy is passed, and how to organize your community, and then we do just that.

  • We build lasting friendships and community to make our work fun and more effective through civic-minded social events.

  • No matter who you love, how you look, or where you live, you can start locally and change your world.

We are here to put Portland’s people in charge of making our planning and growth management smarter and more comprehensive.  We will drive Portland’s future toward becoming a great city that is sustainable, equitable, and livable, in which the edges are as desirable as the center, and all can flourish.  We envision a Portland inspired by its residents.



   A city is change.

   We are a coalition of inspired people and organizations who focus our collective energies into midwifing Portland’s growth into a sustainable, equitable, livable city: a city where the edges are as desirable and accessible as the center; a city whose youth are encouraged and welcomed to be political actors; a city with room to flourish and room for all.

   Our coalition is not focused around money or political careerism, but around directing the city forward, not about backroom deals, but about transparent political processes. 

We aim to connect the leaders and innovators of Portland’s past with our future leaders and innovators. 

   We want to enable people to innovate: people often have the best ideas for their own places in the city of change, but are stalled by bureaucracy. 

   We are committed to building a community for all ages that is both anxious and equipped to work for change.

   Our platform is progressive: we want to eliminate houselessness, decrease the wage gap, improve the schools, fix our crumbling and crowded transportation system, stop displacement, end police brutality, meaningfully decrease carbon emissions, and more.

   We will do this not from the top down but from the ground up, involving the many active groups and leaders of the city. 

   We work together on our shared vision, seeking to positively influence not only our city, but also our region, our state, and
our country.

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