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Urge State Legislators to Act on Campaign Contribution Limits!

Here at Portland Forward we're excited to see movement in the Oregon State Legislature toward supporting a Constitutional Amendment referral to Oregon voters to make campaign contribution limits legal in Oregon!

If this bill passes, it would allow Oregon voters to have the final say in ensuring that individual donation limits are legal under our State Constitution. No more multi-million dollar checks from Phil Knight to statewide candidate races, thank you very much!

The Senate Committee on Campaign Finance and the House Rules committee are having a joint hearing this Wednesday March 13th from 3-5pm on a set of bills designed to refer a constitutional amendment to voters. It would be incredible if you could attend to show your support for campaign finance reform.

If you can’t make it, no problem! You can still voice your support with an email message to the members of the two committees.

Please take a few minutes of your day to send the message below (feel free to personalize it) to the members of the two committees:

**You can copy and past the emails of each of the members (below) into a single message to make sure the all the members of both committees hears from you.** ​​

Copy and paste this message (or personalize it) in the body of your email:


Dear Members of the House Rules Committee and Senate Committee on Campaign Finance,

I write today seeking your leadership for campaign contribution limits.

I'm a proud Oregonian and I'm deeply concerned about the role big money is playing in Oregon politics.

Oregon has one of the worst records nationwide with regard to money in politics. As reported in the February 22 Oregonian investigative news story “Polluted by Money,” Oregon is one of only five states that have no campaign contribution limits whatsoever, and it has the highest corporate giving in elections per capita of any state.

We all know, this is not what democracy looks like. It’s time for Oregon’s elected leaders to pass comprehensive campaign finance reform, including the most fundamental tool in the toolbox – campaign contribution limits.


*Your name*


Together, lets get big money out of Oregon politics!

The Portland Forward Team

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