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Portland FORWARD

Portland is at a pivotal point in its history. 

As our city grows we need to ensure that the people

are in charge of the growth and in driving policies

that make Portland a city that works for all.


We are an intergenerational learning hub for the political process.  ‘Learning by doing,’ we take political issues from start to finish through mentorship, weekly conversation, partnership, and action.  Our issues are based on Portland’s progressive roots of sustainability, livability, and equity.


Learn how to access political leaders, pass policy, and organize your community, no matter who you love, how you look, or where you live.  Change your world, start locally.


Join our mailing list and we'll let you know as important actions arise.

Change takes courage


Meeting the moment is a full-time position.


Who says you can't mix politics & friends?

Join one of our civic-minded social events.  Because, changing the world is much more fun with friends.

(check out our events calendar)



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