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$20 Billion for transportation in 2020

And we've got a plan. Portland forward and many other groups who care about active, public, and people-powered transit are working to create a plan on how to spend this money.

While there is no official plan yet, the Metro President Elect has announced a measure to be voted on for the 2020 ballot, providing $20 billion dollars of funding for local transportation. We don't have to tell you that our transportation system is failing, and a failing transportation system stops a prevents people from getting to work, from emergency workers getting where they need to go, and from people moving about the city.

If we do nothing, the plan will be more highway expansion ($20 billion goes quickly on a highway), but it could be revolutionary if we put it into active transit, and expanding trimet reach and frequency.

Portland Forward is ramping up on this, and has a plan in the works. We would like more people involved in building a more sustainable transportation future for the region.

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